Amazon star Munashe Chirisa proves why Zimbabwe has talent

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Munashe Chirisa

Since emerging on the UK comedy scene over seven years ago, Zimbabwean born actor and musician, Munashe Chirisa has since become one of the UK’s rising stars and shown us why he is not a one trick pony with the release of his debut single Chido.

The sharp lyrical song merges classic storytelling with creative cinematography.

Chido, sung in his native language Shona, chronicles the story of a young man’s search for the love of his life, only to discover that the love he has been searching for, has been right under his nose.

In the music video, he narrates the story to his little girl about the highs, lows, jealousy and inevitable heartbreaks that come with relationships.

Award-winning actress, Tendai Chitima and Tinaye Wayne Chiketa

Shot in the UK and Zimbabwe, the track features a full Zimbabwean cast, with upcoming actors, Tinaye Wayne Chiketa playing Munashe and award-winning actress, Tendai Chitima playing the love interest. Musician John Falsetto also features on the track,giving the contemporary track depth and range.

Munashe said: “We chose to shoot the majority of the video in Domboshava, Zimbabwe, as part of raising the profile of, and collaborating with Zimbabwean actors, filmmakers, designers and makeup artists.”

"This is Made in Zwe's second cross-border collaborative project with Zimbabwean creatives and we hope to promote future partnerships with them and open new opportunities in Africa for individuals and small businesses in the creative arts industry.”

With a passion for the performing arts,Chirisa took part in a number of dance contests and talent shows as a teen and quickly realised that he wanted to pursue a career in film, music and TV.

Shortly after moving to the UK, Munashe set out to make his dream a reality and went on to study and complete his degree in Performance Art in Film, Stage, and Television at the University of New Buckinghamshire.

It was at university that he found his passion for comedy and in 2014 secured a bi-monthly residency with the African Comedy Show, working alongside comedians such as Britain’s Got Talent finalist Daliso Chaponda, Joey Raisden, Barry Hilton, Okai Bakasi and many more.

After university, Munashe landed a series of theatre roles on the London theatre circuit, including the lead role in a play called ‘So You Think I’m Crazy?’,produced by a Croydon based theatre group ‘Know My Mind’.The play was centred around mental health.

Munashe landed the lead role in Stop & Search which debuted at the Arcola Theatre. Written by award-winning Irish playwright, Gabriel Gbadamosi, the play explores a time of distrust and society’s deep ambivalence about the ways people police each other.

He is currently the lead in a huge Amazon Prime Video campaign syndicated and broadcast for television networks in different countries worldwide and online.

“It was such an honour and privilege to land the Amazon role. The audition process was not easy but the experience was worth it.

“I think it is not only a testament to the hard work and determination I put into everything I do, but a testimony to all those wanting to get their first break and letting them know that it is possible.”

Munashe, who is co-founder and artistic director of the creative arts brand Made in Zwe, said he loves playing a key role in inspiring and empowering the next generation of Zimbabweans through cultural music, events and social projects.

“I enjoy creating content online, including ads for corporate brands and look forward to working with more upcoming artists and musicians, especially from my home country because Zimbabwe has talent and there are so many creatives who deserve a seat at the table, both locally and internationally.”

Meanwhile, the brand, in partnership with a group of Zimbabwean musicians, has recently launched the Made in Zwe music list on Spotify.

Co-curated by some of the most prominent voices in music including, journalist Plot Mhako, Columbia Records music executive Taponeswa Mavunga, musician Vusa Mkhaya, among others, the weekly music playlist features Afro pop hits, rising Afro dancehall stars and undiscovered hip hop and gospel artists.

Kuda Ruzane, co-founder and creative director of Made in Zwe, said: “The introduction of the playlist is about promoting up and coming talent and working with some of the greatest minds to put African music on the map.”

The playlist is available on all digital platforms, including Apple Music,Deezer and YouTube. Visit

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