Brazil to pay men and women national footballers equally

Brazil's women's football team will receive the same pay as their male counterparts, the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) announced Wednesday.

"The CBF has equalled the prize money and allowances between men's and women's football, which means the women players will earn the same as the men," said the federation's president Rogerio Caboclo.

"Women will receive the same daily rate as those who already receive them. The women's team that wins or progresses through the stages at next year's Olympic Games will receive the same as the men.

"What the men will receive at the next World Cup (2022) will be proportionately equal to what is proposed by FIFA. There is no more gender difference; the CBF is treating men and women equally."

The Brazil women's team reached the World Cup final in 2007 but was knocked out of the 2019 edition in the Round of 16.

Australia, Norway and New Zealand are some of the few nations to also work towards equal pay, a topic which has come under scrutiny after the USWNT claimed gender discrimination in earnings and working conditions.

Last year, current women's world champions the United States sued their federation, alleging discrimination over pay and conditions. The team appealed earlier this year after a judge dismissed their case.

The World Cup-winning team's long-running feud with US Soccer has been a public and bitter battle and the players had been seeking $66m (£53m) in damages under the Equal Pay Act.