Donald Trump says he will leave White House if electoral college votes for Joe Biden

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

President Donald Trump has said that he will leave the White House in January if the electoral college votes for president-elect Joe Biden but made clear he's not prepared to concede.

Mr Biden won the presidential election with 306 electoral college votes, surpassing the 270 required, while Trump ended with 232. Biden also leads Trump by more than 6 million in the popular vote tally.

During a press conference Trump said: "Certainly I will, and you know that," when asked by a reporter about leaving the White House if Biden is declared the winner on December 14. "I will and, you know that."

Trump has so far refused to concede defeat, instead has made a series of baseless claims about alleged ballot fraud and launched legal attempts to challenge the outcomes in several states such Pennsylvania and Michigan.

"It's going to be a very hard thing to concede because we know there was massive fraud," Trump said without evidence.

"As to whether or not we can get this apparatus moving quickly - because time isn't on our side, everything else is on our side, facts are on our side, this was a massive fraud."

Speaking on Thanksgiving holiday, Trump said if Biden – who is due to be sworn in on 20 January – was certified the election winner by the electoral college, he would depart the White House.

However, the president falsely added that if Biden is declared the winner, the Electoral College, "made a mistake, cause this election was a fraud."

It was the first time he had taken questions from reporters since election day, and at times he turned combative, calling one reporter a “lightweight” and telling him “don’t talk to me like that”.

He added; " I'm the President of the United States. Don't ever talk to the president that way," he said.

So far, Trump campaign's lawsuits have been repeatedly dismissed or dropped. Earlier this week,

his administration gave the green light for a formal transition to get underway. However, the president took issue with Biden moving forward.

“I think it’s not right that he’s trying to pick a Cabinet,” Trump said, even though officials from both teams are already working together to get Biden’s team up to speed.

At one point he urged reporters not to allow Biden the credit for pending coronavirus vaccines.

“Don’t let him take credit for the vaccines because the vaccines were me and I pushed people harder than they’ve ever been pushed before,” he said.

In late-night tweets, Trump complained that the media had not covered his news conference in the way he had wanted, saying the main point he had tried to make was that he won the election. Twitter flagged his comments.

The electoral college is due to meet on 14 December when each state’s nominated electors will cast their votes for the winner of the state’s presidential ballot. The votes are officially counted by Congress on 6 January.