Econet, Google partner up to rollout high-speed internet in Africa

Alphabet, which is part of Google, has partnered with the Econet Group to launch a new high-speed broadband technology that uses laser beams instead of fiber optic cables.

This is the first rollout of Taara’s technology in Africa and follows a series of pilots in Kenya last year.

Currently, the technology is said to have the capacity to deliver up to 10Gbits of Internet at the ‘speed of light’ capable of streaming high-quality video.

Norman Moyo Econet’s executive for new enterprises, said: "This technology and our partnership with Taara forms an important building block towards realising our vision of a digitally connected future that leaves no African behind."

Taara is yet another approach to extending the reach of broadband networks to parts of the Earth that have typically not had access or high-speed connections, due primarily to infrastructure challenges.

Nic Rudnick, Liquid Telecom’s CEO, said: “Liquid Telecom has always been an early adopter of leading-edge technologies that support the Econet mission of using technology to empower Africans for economic prosperity.

"The trials we have conducted in Kenya have shown encouraging results of how we can reach new underserved areas with huge bandwidths as well as increase our network reliability. Every time we have connected a new country to our fibre network, our investment into middle-mile infrastructure has enabled people outside of the major cities and towns, to enjoy high-speed data”.

The team has called for more partners and interested companies in Africa to partner up. Their mission is to connect all the remote communities that are being left out of technological advancement that the rest of the world is a part of.