Finland's Sanna Marin becomes youngest serving Prime Minister in the world

Social Democrat Sanna Marin

Finland has elected the world’s youngest serving prime minister.

Social Democrat Sanna Marin, 34, will lead the finnish coalition government composed of five parties all led by women for the first time.

Ms Marin has become the country’s third female leader, replacing the outgoing prime minister Antti Rinne.

Mr Rinne became Finland’s first left-wing leader in 20 years after the Social Democrats emerged as the biggest party in April’s general election.

His leadership was criticised by his main coalition party over a two-week strike by the state-owned postal service in November. This spread to other industries, including airline Finnair.

Marin will lead a centre-left coalition of five parties who all have female leaders – four under the age of 35.

Former prime minister Alexander Stubb celebrated the new coalition, saying it shows that Finland is a modern and progressive country.

The former transport minister gained international status earlier this month after the leader of her Social Democratic Party stepped down -- and Marin stepped up, becoming the country's youngest serving prime minister.

Sanna Marin (centre) heads a Government led by five women. Photo: Laura Kotila/Finnish Government.

The five-party, Social Democrat-led coalition has agreed to stay together and maintain the policy programme it announced in June, focusing on major increases in public spending on welfare and infrastructure, and a pledge to make the country carbon neutral by 2035.

Marin, who narrowly won her party’s vote on Sunday said the programme glues the coalition together, but that a lot of work would need to be done to rebuild trust.”

Raised by a single mother who later entered a same-sex relationship,Marin was the first of her family to go to university.

Since becoming head of the council of Tampere at 27, she has had a steady rise in politics in the last eight years and stood in for Rinne as party leader earlier this year when he had to take time off because of illness.

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