Former Noisettes frontwoman Shingai releases funky music video, We Roll

British-Zimbabwean singer Shingai Shoniwa has released her latest single and music video, We Roll.

Featuring a wide-range of artists and creatives from parts of Africa and the Caribbean, the music video was directed by award winning Ghanaian filmmaker Sheila Nortley.

A spokesperson for Shingai said: "At a time when we all need reasons to smile, ‘We Roll’, is a down to earth feel-good track from start to finish, that makes you want to watch it again."

Celebrating 'Afro-futurism', the video also features self-driving car, Kar-go developed by Zimbabwean born entrepreneur and founder of the Academy of Robotics, William Sachiti.

Kar-go uses artificial intelligence (AI) to navigate itself and perform many of its functions, with the specialist form of AI.

Since going solo, Shoniwa has established her own label, Zimtron Records where she released her "Ancient Futures" EP in June 2019.

Her latest album, Too Bold, which is a reflection of her name that means "be bold, be brave, have courage" in Shona(a language in Zimbabwe), was released in October last year.

Shingai said of the album and title track in an interview last year: "The title track from my new album Too Bold, is the message I want, not only young black girls to carry with them, but anyone who has been told by society that they can’t achieve their goals while being their authentic selves."

"Don’t let them tell you you’re too dark, don’t let them tell you you’re too smart, too large, too old, too much, too bold.”

Find out more about Shingai's new album here