He said it: Boris Johnson calls US impeachment a 'kerfuffle'

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday described former US President Donald Trump's impeachment trial as a "kerfuffle" and appeared to suggest that President Joe Biden may have copied his "Build Back Better" slogan.

Mr Johnson on Sunday, appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation. Asked what signal the acquittal of a president who instigated such violence while casting doubt on a free election would send to the rest of the world, he said: “The clear message that we get from the proceedings in America is that after all the toings and froings and all the kerfuffle, American democracy is strong and the American constitution is strong and robust.”

Johnson was also asked if he was concerned he and the new president might “start off on the wrong foot”, Johnson avoided the question.

While Trump was in office, Johnson was so close to Donald Trump and his populist policies and style that Biden was reported to have called Mr Johnson "the physical and emotional clone" of the former president.

“I’ve had,” he said, “I think, already two long and very good conversations with the president and we had a really good exchange, particularly about climate change and what he wants to do," Johnson said.

He also said the UK was “delighted now, to have a good relationship with the White House, which is an important part of any UK prime minister’s mission.”

Mr Johnson also joked that Biden may have borrowed his own "Build Back Better" slogan from him.

I'm thrilled that President Biden has also got a slogan, 'Build Back Better,'" the British prime minister said.

"I think I claim that we used it first. And to be truthful, I think we nicked it from someone else before I started using it. But it's the right slogan."

Johnson will host a virtual meeting with Biden on 19 February, to discuss attempts to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.