Kidz Viewpoint - the show that kept children entertained, engaged and inspired

Danielle, Riley, Chiedza, Kaitlyn, Andre and Dante

For many people who have become parents today, the last day of school for them meant the end of geometry and the pythagorean theorem...until 2020 happened, and suddenly, those very subjects they hated at school are the subjects they had to teach their kids for over six weeks during lockdown.

When educational facilities across the UK closed in March to help contain COVID-19, many families found themselves struggling to keep their children’s education on track.

At the start of lockdown, founder of Reminisce Msgs, Tim Matambo and Loma Media owner, Tidi Kwidini decided to develop and produce a kids show, to help children get creative and stay engaged whilst giving them something that would challenge them.

Kidz Viewpoint, targeted children five-to-thirteen and tackled different subjects each week including general knowledge about the lockdown, the royals and topical and significant issues that took place in the UK during that period.

“The pandemic took away almost all of the freedoms we take for granted, including the luxury of children spending the day at school being taught by experts and spending the day with their peers,'' said Tidi. Adding, “While some children may have enjoyed being off school, others struggled with being isolated from their extended family and friends.”

In normal times, the show would have been studio based or would have been shot on location but the team enlisted the help of parents who filmed the children’s responses. The first season had children from across the country and included Andre (9), Dante (9), Riley (7), Chiedza (13), Kaitlyn (10) and Danielle (6).

Commenting on the show, Tim said: “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, young children all over the world were affected by the various restrictions that were put in place. It disrupted their education, and kept them apart from friends and family in some cases – causing a number of different effects on their mental health.

“We wanted to produce a show that would keep children engaged but that also educated and tested their general knowledge,'' said Tim.

“Lockdown challenged us all in different ways and reshaped the way we do things, including how we produced the show and we are grateful to the children who participated, and their parents who helped us make the show what it is today.”

“When we developed the concept, we had no idea who would be willing to participate and how the children would respond to it, but each week brought something new, entertaining and creative. It also allowed us to see the world from a child’s point-of-view - some of which challenged our way of thinking,” added Tidi.

There are plans for a second season with a casting call set to be announced in the coming weeks. For more information and to find out how your child can participate email or contact 07525632517.