Lockdown & Chill with Matt Christie

Find out weekly, what's hot, what's not and what should never make it on to your watchlist. This week Matt takes a look at documentaries worth watching on Netflix.

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

A really sad indictment of how money can buy you limitless power in the latest lockdown binge watch.

It’s really easy to get drawn into the story of 'evil' Epstein who obviously takes centre stage in a tale of twisted manipulation and abuse.

However, while watching this series, please take note of this predator’s friendship circle and understand that they are also heavily involved.

Documentaries rarely have “heroes” but it’s easy to pick out a few amongst the cast of contributors. The only thing that didn’t make me boil over with rage is the several victims who came forward to speak bravely and eloquently about their ordeals.

Similarly, a shout out to the public sector officials who battled corruption, internal politics and career jeopardising situations to ensure the women involved got a semblance of justice. Only four episodes long so could be a solution to a rainy weekend.

Rating: 8.5/10

The Devil Next Door

The Devil Next Door takes the genre of true crime to its highest possible level.

The docu-series chronicles one of the most high profile trials in history- proceedings which straddled two centuries.

In what can only be described as a systematic, state-sponsored mass murder, 6 million Jews, 7 million Soviet civilians (including 1.3 million Soviet Jews), 1.8 million Polish civilians and over a quarter of a million Serb civilians were among the many, many victims.

On one side of the courtroom is an apparent unassuming man accused of having a horrific past. He has lived in splendid, unbothered bliss as a community bulwark amongst American’s for close to 40 years.

On the other side a vengeful and mournful nation determined to bring justice in the name of their forefathers due to terrible crimes committed against their people. The question throughout: who is John Demjanjuk?

A brilliant courtroom documentary that leaves you questioning the best course for justice and the collateral damage associated with it.

Rating: 8/10

Killer Ratings

Tiger King might tickle around the edges of being a true crime saga however, if you’re looking for some real high stakes criminality (and not in the traditional sense of the word), then Killer Ratings should go down as your lockdown documentary series of choice.

Elegantly edited for deliberate disorienting affect, each of the seven parts will leave you unsure about who to believe. Underneath it all, a stark stench of corruption lingers and carefully worded answers by the main protagonists mean you’re never quite sure of what the outcome will be right until the end.

It took a full week to watch as the subtitles and need concentration, meaning there is a lot to digest.

Rating: 8.75/ 10

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Matt is a Director at a fast growing networking business in Leeds which focuses on bringing together all the major stakeholders associated with investment and economic growth. A graduate in the realm of Broadcasting and PR, he has spent the lockdown trying not to overindulge on food and booze but instead overindulging in Netflix and Prime Video!

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