Lockdown & Chill with Matt Christie: Marvellous

Part biopic, musical and fantasy, this is the inspirational and incredible true story of Neil Baldwin, a man who refused to accept the label of learning difficulties, and who has led an extraordinary life. Matt Christie gives us his take on this awe-inspiring film.


The title of this film sums up my overall feeling after watching.It’s been a long time since a movie made me glow with happiness throughout.

The audience are taken on an adventure via the biographical, true story of Neil Baldwin, a man with additional needs and limitless dreams who lives the most extraordinary life while bringing positivity, perspective and cheer to everyone he encounters.

I had to work extremely hard not to shed tears of both sorrow and laughter on numerous occasions during the 90 minutes. A triumph of human spirit; one of the most inspiring things you’ll ever watch and a welcome dose of optimism during these uncertain times.

GO AND FIND IT NOW! Just marvellous(pun intend).

Rating: 9/10

About Matt:

Matt is a Director at a fast growing networking business in Leeds which focuses on bringing together all the major stakeholders associated with investment and economic growth.

A graduate in the realm of Broadcasting and PR, he has spent the lockdown trying not to overindulge on food and booze but instead overindulging in Netflix and Prime Video!

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