Lockdown & Chill with Matt Christie: Ozark

With three tense and chaotic seasons of Ozark, the Netflix Original has been commissioned for a final 14 episodes, which will only hit screens in 2021 due to the current pandemic.

While Ozark fans wait for the final series, Matt Christie explores the witty storyline that chronicles the life of a mob accountant, who relocates his family to rural Missouri in this darkly humourous comic drama, which is filled with menace and leaves you at the edge of your sofa...


Jason Bateman and Laura Linney 'dazzle' in this darkly funny series.

It has been very quiet on the Netflix lockdown list over the past few weeks and that’s because we have slowly 'devoured' three seasons of murky crime thriller Ozark, which I’m unashamed to say, blows its nearest contemporary Breaking Bad out of the water.

It has probably been hidden in plain sight on most people’s accounts for the past three years but I’m actually glad it was because it allowed for 30 hours worth of chain watching. Every single character is written to perfection and it’s hard to choose a favourite.

My top three would have to be Ruth, Darlene and the hapless Sam (who is clearly meant to be a device of light relief amidst all the darkness).

The premise is simple, a middle class family from Chicago suburbs unwittingly involve themselves in a situation beyond their control via a few bad decisions and end up trapped. Should they try to escape their situation or should they make a fist of their new reality? World class!

Rating: 9/10

About Matt:

Matt is a Director at a fast growing networking business in Leeds which focuses on bringing together all the major stakeholders associated with investment and economic growth.

A graduate in the realm of Broadcasting and PR, he has spent the lockdown trying not to overindulge on food and booze but instead overindulging in Netflix and Prime Video!

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