Seeking instant gratification in a fast-paced world

For one to claim that they exhibit patience but with no evidence of long-suffering isn't quite right, well for me. I now have an understanding that there is no patience without discomfort.

Long-suffering is a word used interchangeably in the Bible with the word patience. This means that one has to go through some level of suffering or discomfort that 'springs forth' a reaction to be either patient or not.

We cannot in good conscience claim to be patient without actually going through something that requires that fruit to manifest. Ever heard of the story of the man who said "Lord, give me patience NOW"?

We now live in a world of instant gratification, where everything we want and desire can happen very quickly and in many cases, comes ready made. Just this week alone, I had a ready made lasagne meal instead of taking time to make it myself.

I found myself juggling the challenges of a very busy working week, with trying to figure out how looking after myself would fit into that equation. As a result, I knew I needed an instant answer to food. I was not ready to prepare the lasagne sheets, make my own sauce and even wait for the meal to cook as I often do. An instant meal was the answer - it was quick, easy and saved me time. As random an analogy as that is, does that sound familiar with aspects of your life, the need to find something quick, easy and that gives you instant gratification?

I am surrounded by instant gratification, be it a quick microwave meal, instant dating, quick job promotion, instant credit and solutions. We no longer want the idea of dying to our flesh or waiting in discomfort for the right moments. Shortcuts definitely seem more attractive now more than ever.

Paul in Galatians 5:24 reminds us that: “Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires”.

This verse is apt and I find that on a daily basis there are aspects of my lifestyle and character that I 'die' to. I am such a fast thinker and always seek a solution which is usually to avoid discomfort. I am in no way advocating for discomfort to be a norm however I am learning to actively be aware of those moments when long-suffering is needed in order for Christ to be constant and at the forefront in my life.

My question to you is, what are you doing for instant gratification and what does God say about that part in particular?