Teacher hailed 'The Maths Whisperer' leads entire class of 30 to A* grades at GCSE six months early

A teacher, nicknamed 'The Maths Whisperer', has led a class of 30 pupils to an A* grade at GCSE six months early.

Francis Elive, 55, was hailed a hero after his entire maths class at Fitzalan High School in Leckwith, Cardiff, achieved top GCSE grades.

Mr Elive, who teaches at the school that has a capacity of 1,400 pupils has been commended for his 'passionate' approach to his subject.

Assistant headteacher Jo Kemp said: "We call him The Maths Whisperer. He instils the belief in students, that they have practised the hardest maths that they ever have to face so why be scared of an exam?,"she said.

"We did a countdown so they all opened their results at the same time. There was a gasp as they saw their results and then all realised they had(achieved) the same."

The whole class had been taught by Mr Elive since Year 7.

Mr Elive said that there was no secret method. He added that all his pupils had worked very hard and that he is really proud of what they have achieved.

The school, which received a 'double excellent' at their inspection, describes itself as 'a highly inclusive and caring community.'

According to the most recent statistics, only 14 per cent of Welsh students gained an A* grade in GCSE maths last year.

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