Ticking volcano: Philippine residents urged to evacuate their homes

Philippine officials have advised over 450,000 residents not to return to their homes in the danger zone of an erupting volcano, as it continues to spew ash and lava. The hazardous eruption of the Taal volcano, south of the capital Manila, has been spewing ash and lava since Sunday, with earthquakes regularly shaking the ground. The volcano was spurting fountains of red-hot lava 500 metres into the sky on Tuesday with dark-grey plumes of ash-laden steam that reached more than a mile high.

More than 500 international and domestic flights were cancelled or delayed between Sunday and Monday. According to the general manager Ed Monreal, the air travel chaos alone affected around 80,000 passengers. Mr Montreal said that he hoped the wind direction would not change. What God has joined together no 'ash can put asunder' A couple in the Philippines got married and celebrated their big day on Sunday despite a volcanic eruption just 12 miles (20km) away. Chino Vaflor and Kat Palomar exchanged their vows in Cavite but the close proximity of the Taal volcano resulted in photographs of their wedding being back-dropped by a huge plume of volcanic ash and smoke. Almost 20,000 people from Batangas and Cavite provinces have sought shelter in 118 temporary evacuation centres set up by authorities.