Tunisia's prime minister-designate announces new cabinet

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Tunisia's prime minister-designate, Hichem Mechichi, has unveiled a new government made up of technocrats rather than members of political parties.

Mr Mechichi had previously said he wanted a cabinet made up of independent technocrats to "present urgent solutions" to the country.

This is the second cabinet to be named in six months in Tunisia and parliament is set to vote on Mechichi's lineup in the next 10 days.

Mechichi told reporters he had decided to form a new cabinet composed of "independent expertise", with only a few outgoing ministers included in the lineup.

The powerful Islamist party Ennahdha said it was not consulted in the naming of the new government and wants a political government that reflects the parties in parliament.

However, the party has also said there's a need to approve the new government to prevent an early disruptive elections.

Under plans to reshape the government and kickstart the economy, Mechichi has combined the ministries of finance, investment and economy into a single department led by liberal economist and CEO of Arab Banking Corporation (ABC Bank) in Tunisia, Ali Kooli.

The former interior minister is the third head of government to be appointed since polls last October, which resulted in a parliament divided among deeply antagonistic blocs.