You’ve been summoned: Queen calls Harry, William and Charles to an emergency meeting at Sandringham

The queen has summoned the "boys" for serious talks after Harry's shock announcement on Wednesday

The Queen has summoned Prince's Charles, William and Harry to Sandringham, where they will hold urgent talks on Monday in an attempt to find a solution to the crisis at the heart of the Monarchy involving the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The meeting at Sandringham has been pencilled in to try and come up with a plan which, a Palace source said, meets "the thinking the Sussexes outlined" in their statement on Wednesday.

D Day Monday. Meeting will be the first time all four have met since shock announcement

It will be the first time that Princes Charles, William and Harry and the Queen will meet face to face to discuss the matter.

There are reports that Meghan will attempt to join the high-level meeting by phone from

Canada, where she is currently staying with baby Archie.

Those in Harry and Meghan’s office would not confirm when – or indeed if - she was planning to fly back to the UK.

It’s been called a “family meeting” and while the Royals will be joined by their closest advisers, it’s not thought there will be any government involvement at this stage.

“Following a series of meetings and consultations across the last few days there are a range of possibilities for the family to review which take into account the thinking the Sussexes outlined earlier in the week,” a royal source said.

The source added: “Making a change to the working life and role in the monarchy for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex requires complex and thoughtful discussion.

The four senior Royals will examine what’s been described by royal aides as a “range of possibilities” to review.